Shakti Enterprises

Technology Used

We employ cutting edge technology for the manufacturing of our range such as : Single lever Mixer Alpine, Eureka, Aqua, Indigo, Elegant, Square, Square Light, &Renoir Collection All Mixer are fitted with specially designed Imported Ceramic Disc Cartrides of Hydroplast (Italy) to ensure proper mixing of hot and cold water and smooth water flow even at low pressure. Quarter Turn Fittings Slim, Ultra, Neo4s, Neo, Aroma Series The Internal 20 mm Fittings with brass parts are made from extruded brass rods with Synthetic and Silicon grease. These are equipped with Diamond Carbodur Disc to ensure full flow of water even at normal pressure with less wear &tear for longer life. Half Turn Fittings Ideal, Conventional, New Gracia, Gracia & Cross Collection The special features of Astra Internal Fittings include that they are made from extruded brass rod with synthetic or Silicon rubber parts, 0' Rings lubricated with Silicone grease, responsible for smooth and trouble free functioning of the fittings, ensuring flawless performance for lifelong operations.